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Hello folks! :) 

I know this is an art blog but I couldn’t resist sharing you an amazing event my family and I always do when holy Week comes along. :)

We do what’s called a "Visita Iglesia" on Maundy Thursdays. We visit 14 different churches in every 14 stations of the cross. Unfortunately, for this year, we only managed 7 ( 2 stations each church to complete the 14 stations of the cross) :) 

 We didn’t want to stress too much with all the traffic, the crowded places, parking, plus my parents are getting old it’s a bit hard to travel in this heat here in the Philippines and the stress of driving around Manila :) 

So here’s the list of the churches we went:

1) St. James Parish Church

2) St. Jerome Parish Church

3) Chapel of the Forgiving Lord

4) St. Benedict Chapel in Alabang

5) The chapel in Hillsborough (I am so sorry, I forgot what chapel/parish Church it was. :P It’s near the village Hillsborough though. :P Thus, the title.)

6) Resurrection Parish Church

7) Presentation fo the Child Jesus

***The Photos are not in order I enumerated above. Though I placed in the captions which one is which if your interested. :P

I’d recommend anyone from around the globe to visit our lovely and amazing churches here in the Philippines! :) It’s a shame I couldn’t share to you the previews churches we’d go. Like where the bamboo organ is located. Do go! And maybe when you guys do go on a Holy Week, why don’t you try this Visita Iglesia! :) Not only are you sacrificing and reflecting but you have the chance to visit different churches :)

And can I just share how beautiful the chapel of the forgiving Lord is!!! Aawww!!!! It’s just so lovely! :) (It’s the 3rd photo uploaded :P) I can’t get enough of it! You wouldn’t think it’s a chapel. It’s like your in a secret garden dome of some sorts! :P hehe

And before leaving the last church, my mom found an adorable dog sleeping soundly :) Hehe So cuuuute! Couldn’t resist taking a photo of him sleeping. 


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